DIY vs Professionally Installed Alarm Systems

Do you want to do everything that you can to secure your home and keep your family safe? Alarm systems are there to help you make that goal a reality. Over the years, the home security market has grown immensely. Consumers now have many more options to secure their homes than ever before. One of those options includes DIY alarm systems.

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, it may be tempting to avoid alarm installation charges and install your alarm system on your own. However, if you have never installed an alarm system before, you may want to read further to see why DIY home security may not be for everyone.

Cost – The cost of a security system is often the deciding factor for most people looking to secure their home at an affordable price. DIY options do tend to appear to cost less than buying an alarm system and having it installed by the professionals.

However, while cost should be a concern when comparing alarm systems, it should not be the only one. In fact, if you compare pricing on a DIY alarm system and a professionally installed alarm system, with all the options that you need, you may find that a DIY system may not be the cheaper alternative after all.

Options – Some do-it-yourself alarm systems are very basic. Should you be looking for features such as panic buttons, smoke detectors, heat detectors, key fobs, carbon monoxide detectors, and others, a basic DIY alarm system may not offer you access to those options. If you are looking for basic protection such as a few doors and motion detectors, DIY alarm systems may be just what you are looking for.

Reliability – Most DIY alarm systems sold on the market today are wireless. Some companies that sell many of these DIY security systems even have videos and tips that show consumers how to install the alarm system properly. Installing the system itself is only half the job, installing the DIY alarm system correctly is what is important.

Wireless alarm systems use wireless devices. If the devices are not mounted properly and are not within range of the alarm receiver, those devices will not work correctly. This leaves areas of a home unprotected and vulnerable to a break-in. Professional installers not only know the proper way to install wireless alarm systems, they now the best places to mount alarm devices for optimal coverage.

Maintenance – If something should go wrong with your DIY alarm system, you do not have the option to call the professionals to come out and fix it. Many DIY alarm suppliers do offer tech support via email or phone, but if you are not familiar with the components of alarm systems, you could be on the phone for quite a while trying to figure out what is wrong with your system.

Peace of Mind – Installing an alarm system yourself may sound cost saving and maybe even a little fun. Nevertheless, if the security of your family and your home is major concern for you, it is better to have a reputable alarm company come out and install your alarm system for you.

Alarm companies install thousands of alarm systems each year and know what they are doing. You will sleep better at night knowing your alarm was professionally installed, rather than staying up wondering if the system you installed yourself will work when you need it most.

For those who know a thing or two about alarm system installations and feel comfortable installing their own home security system, a DIY alarm system may be just up their alley. Yet, if you are one of those individuals who does not know much about alarm systems, your best bet is to have a professional install one for you.