Business Alarm Systems

Business alarms are used to protect retailers and other commercial enterprises from burglaries and vandalism. Such systems can be used to provide round-the-clock monitoring of a commercial property and to alert authorities of break-ins and other security-related issues. They can also be used to proactively prevent such activity in the first place. Often, the mere presence of a sign indicating that your business is protected by a security monitoring system is enough to deter burglars and others from attempting to break-in or committing other illegal acts.

Set Goals Before Buying a Business Alarm

Business alarms play a vital role in helping businesses mitigate losses stemming from theft and vandalism. However, it is important that you understand your requirements well before attempting to install such a system at your business. You need to decide for instance, whether the fundamental goal in installing business alarm systems is for burglary protection purposes or for customer safety and employee access control reasons as well. The amount of money you pay for the service will depend entirely on the range of options you choose, so make sure to research your options well.

Burglary Detection and Alerting

The most common use of a business alarms is to protect against burglars. The systems are designed to continuously monitor a business property and to alert law enforcement or other security personnel of unauthorized entry into the premises. Business alarms that are used for burglary monitoring purposes typically comprise of several sensors that are connected in a wired or wireless connection to a central security console.

The sensors can be installed at all doors, windows and other entry points into a building. Some sensors are designed to trigger an alert when a door or window is forced open. A motion sensor triggers an alert when it detects movement. The alerts are sent to the central console, which then notifies the appropriate authorities of the break-in. In some cases, the central console sends a silent alarm to authorities, while, in other cases, it can be set to generate an audible alarm to scare the intruders away.

Video Surveillance as an Add-on Component

Usually business alarms are bundled with other security services. Many vendors, for instance, offer video surveillance systems on top of the basic burglar alarm service. Video monitoring allows business owners to have a video record of a burglary, an act of vandalism or other malicious activity. Often, such records are vital in identifying and prosecuting the perpetrators of such acts.

Other Bundling Options

Business alarms come bundled with a wide variety of other options as well. For instance, you can choose to tie in electronic access control services as part of your business alarms package. Access control services allow you to limit and control employee access to various parts of your business. They give you a way to make sure that only authorized employees have access to critical areas of your business. Importantly, such systems also maintain a record of all employee access, so you always know who is going where and when.

In addition to access control, you can also choose to have fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection bundled along with your monitoring package. Some vendors even offer fraud and loss detection as part of an overall security monitoring package for commercial enterprises. If you are a business owner, you have likely taken out insurance coverage to protect against losses stemming from theft, vandalism, floods, fire and other acts of nature. Business alarms can offer you a vital additional layer of protection and have consistently proved to be well worth the investment in time and money.