Home Security Monitoring 101

You have decided to secure your home with an alarm system, but now you have questions about getting that system monitored. Home security monitoring is a great service and an invaluable service to have in your home. This simple guide was created to help you understand the basics of alarm monitoring and why choosing the right company to monitor your alarm system is so important.

What Is a Monitored Alarm System?

When an alarm system is installed in a home, the homeowner has the option to have that alarm system monitored or have it ring locally. Should they choose to have the alarm monitored, the alarm installer will program the system to dial a chosen home security monitoring company whenever the alarm trips.

If the homeowner chooses not to have their system monitored, the installer will program the system without any home security monitoring company information in it. Most people that choose not to have their alarms monitored will at least install a siren that will ring locally when the alarm system is tripped. Home alarms that are not monitored are considered “local alarms”.

What Happens If You Do Not Have a Phone Line For Your Alarm System To Use?

Standard home security monitoring over a traditional telephone line currently is the most reliable way to monitor an alarm system. However, if your alarm has no phone line to utilize, there are options. You can pay to have a cellular radio installed on your alarm system that would transmit all alarm signals wirelessly, or if you have an internet connection in your home, find a security company that offers internet home security monitoring.

Who Provides Alarm Monitoring Services?

Companies that monitor alarms go by many names, such as alarm monitoring companies, central stations, and security monitoring companies. Thousands of alarm companies offer home security monitoring services, but many of them do not actually provide the service themselves. A few of the larger home security companies own at least one of their own monitoring centers; some companies even have a network of them.

Quite a few of the smaller alarm companies do not have their own monitoring centers, but they still offer home security monitoring services to their customers. They do this by installing the alarm system themselves and programming it to dial an intermediary contracted alarm-monitoring provider.

How Do You Choose The Right Alarm Monitoring Company?

You may find an excellent alarm installation company, but discover that they do not offer their own alarm monitoring. However, they do offer the service through a third-party monitoring company. What do you do? Find out more about the third-party company that provides the home security monitoring service, before you make a final decision on the installation company. You do not want to have a great alarm system installed, only to be stuck with a poor-performing alarm monitoring company.

Third party alarm monitoring has gotten a bum rap over the years; but in reality, many third-party central stations offer phenomenal home security monitoring services. Just like any service, research will need to be done to ensure the right company is chosen to handle your alarm system monitoring.

Is Discounted Alarm Monitoring A Good Idea?

There are tons of companies offering unbelievably low priced home security monitoring services these days. When the prices seem too low, you need to question the quality and the reliability of the service. If the company is monitoring thousands of alarms at rock-bottom prices, do they have adequate staff on hand to handle all the signals? Should your security system trip, will your alarm signal sit with thousands of others waiting to be handled?

Getting an alarm monitored can seem confusing, but it actually is not. It is possible that if you do your research right, and ask many questions, finding a competent company to handle your home security monitoring, and at a fair price, will be easier than you think.