Home Security Checklist: How Safe is Your Home?

Do you feel confident with the security of your home? Listed below, is a simple home security checklist that can help you easily identify vulnerable areas of your residence that could be inviting to an intruder.

Thieves enjoy making easy money by burglarizing homes that do not have alarm systems or lack a good home security plan. Do not let your home be one of them.

Home Security Checklist:

Exterior doors will need to have high quality locks on them, preferably deadbolts. They need to be strong and in good condition, and all door frames should be reinforced. If a door or a door frame seems to be in bad shape, replace it as soon as possible.

If the sliding doors in your home do not already have charley bars on them, make purchasing charley bars a top priority on your home security checklist. Sliding doors that are easily lifted off their tracks make it very easy for burglars to slip in and out of a home in moments. Charley bars were designed to prevent that from happening. In addition, make sure all locks on the sliders are in perfect working order. Immediately replace any that are not.

Do you have a garage? If so, you need to make sure that the garage door is also in good shape and has a working lock on it. You also need to ensure that any interior door in the garage that leads to the house has a good quality and perfectly functioning lock on it as well.

Check all windows to make sure that none of them are broken, that all hinges are inside of the home, and that every window has a working lock on it. Make repairing any broken windows or window locks a priority.

The next part of your home security checklist should be to survey your landscaping. Everyone loves to have a nice private yard, but private yards are the best place for intruders to hide while they wait to make their next move. Step up your home security plan by making your yard more open and uninviting to unwanted intruders.

If you have high trees and shrubs around your home, trim them down enough to where a burglar will not be able to hide behind them. For additional home security, consider planting bougainvilleas, cacti, or rosebushes around your home, especially near the windows. These plants are not only pretty; they are painful to burglars that try to climb over or through them.

Should your home have an outdoor storage shed with expensive yard equipment, tools, and ladders in it, make sure you keep it locked at all times. As mentioned earlier in this home security article, thieves love to hide out when contemplating their next move. An open outdoor storage shed not only gives them a secure place to hide, it also grants thieves access to valuable tools to not only steal, but to use to gain entry into your home.

Adequate outdoor lighting is an essential part of any home security plan. All entrances of your home should be well lit at all times. For one, it makes it harder for a burglar to hide with lights shining on him. Secondly, it provides extra security for you and your family members while outdoors during nighttime hours. Adding outdoor lighting is a simple and budget-friendly home security project that can easily be completed in a few short hours.

Get a home security system and have it professionally monitored. Alarm systems nowadays are inexpensive and are easy to have installed. Burglars tend to bypass homes with security systems, especially monitored ones.

Document everything you have of value inside of your home. Take pictures or video of it all, if you can. That way if a burglar does happen to get inside of your home and takes any valuables, you will have proof of what you had to show your home insurance company and the police. Having an up-to-date inventory of your belongings is one of the most critical parts of any home security checklist.