Is a Wireless Home Security System Right For You?

By now, you have probably read plenty of reasons why you need a wireless home security system installed in your home. However, you still are not convinced that going wireless is the right choice for you. Wireless alarm systems are great, but some people do still prefer to have a wired system in their home.

Here is a brief questionnaire to help you decide if a wireless home security system is right for you:

Do you rent or own a home?

If you own your own home, you have the flexibility to install whatever alarm system you would like to. If you rent a home, your best bet is to purchase and have a wireless home security system installed in your rental.
The installation of a wired security system can be quite time-consuming and detailed. Damage to walls, door and window frames, and other areas of the rental are highly possible during a wired installation.

Do you plan to move within a few years?

Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, if you are planning to move soon, you may want to consider purchasing a wireless home security system for your residence. Again, a hardwired alarm system requires a much more detailed installation than a wireless system does. Keep this in mind if you are considering paying a professional to install your hardwired home security system, as labor costs are sure to be higher when installing one.

A wireless home security system in a standard size apartment or home can easily be installed within a few hours. In addition, the extra benefit to going wireless is that you have the option to uninstall and take the system with you when you move. A wired security system is just too involved to uninstall once it is permanently set-up in a home.

Would having wires ran throughout your home be a challenge?

Most alarm technicians will do all that they can to hide the wires when installing a hardwired alarm system. Some homes, especially homes without attics or suspended ceilings, make it virtually impossible for a technician to do so. If the thought of tacked wires running along your baseboards and underneath your carpeting is too much to tolerate, installing a wireless home security system is your best option.

Are you planning any home renovations in the near future?

If you are considering doing any kind of major alterations or room additions in your home, you may want to choose to install a wireless home security system from the start. Alarm wiring can be cut and the system could experience major issues during a home remodel; therefore, a wired system is not recommended.

There are no wires to cut on a wireless system, and wireless alarm equipment can easily be removed and reinstalled without any issues. It will also be easier to add more coverage to new areas of a home by having a wireless home security system installed rather than a wired system.

Are you still on the fence on whether or not to have a wired or wireless security system installed in your home? If you are, consider installing a hybrid alarm system. This type of alarm system has the capability of handling both wired and wireless devices. Hybrid, wired, and wireless home security systems are all great burglary deterrents; however, you will need to find the one system that is right for your individual needs.